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Frequently Asked Questions

For New Players and Parents

SAMFA Players Have the Right Stuff!

We congratulate and wish good luck to all our players and coaches who were selected to compete at the inter-provincial tournament "ABC Bowl" in Lethbridge on May 27.  We are proud that SAMFA will be so well represented.

Coaches                                        Players
Mike King                                     Max Taylor
Jon Baniak                                   Dave Kociuba
John Kociuba                             Tristan Young
Rob Patrick                                 Alex Bennet
Steve Maki                                  Josh Karavidas
Geoff Richer                              Justin Baniak
Sylvain Villeneuve                  Kristoff Baniak
                                                           Matt Kociuba


SAMFA’s goal is to provide an opportunity for boys and girls to play tackle football in a fun, fair and safe environment while encouraging development of individual and team skills.

Important Information

Subsidy Programs Available

SAMFA wants everyone to have a chance to play football.

Click here to see information about payment arrangements, and subsidies that are available through KidSport and Jumpstart.