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    St. Albert Minor Football

    SAMFA’s goal is to provide an opportunity for boys and girls to play tackle football in a fun, fair and safe environment while encouraging development of individual and team skills.

    SAMFA Takes Player Safety Seriously!

    In terms of safety, SAMFA takes the players safety very seriously and it is a priority.  How do we do this? Here is a list of a few of the initiatives we undertake yearly.

    1. All teams must a have 1 or more certified Sports Trainer that is a certified 1st Aider at all practices and games.  No other sport does this and SAMFA pays for all training which works out to be roughly $250/trainer/yr. 
    2. SAMFA provides full Sport Trainer 1st Aid kits for each team.  They cost roughly $500-$800/team/season.  No other sport provides this as well.
    3. All Coaches must be certified in “Safe Contact”.  16 hour course that teaches coaches how to coach players to be safe, how to have strong body position going into contact as a tackler and tacklee. Safe Contact teaches safe tackling and blocking techniques along with safety education and awareness.
    4. All Coaches must be certified in Making Headway Concussion Smart Course. 16 hr course that teaches knowledge and skills required to ensure safety of athletes, what is a concussion, prevention of concussions and coming back after a concussion, etc.
    5. All Coaches must be certified in the Making Ethical Decisions course.
    6. All Coaches must read, agree and sign the SAMFA Coaches Code of Ethics.
    7. All Coaches must have a valid criminal record check done annually. 
    8. SAMFA hires a certified Physiotherapy Clinic for concussion baseline screening of all SAMFA players from Atom to Bantam level.  The information is kept on file if and when an injury happens so the injured player’s doctor has a baseline to start from and can pin point the specific area of injury for the best treatment possible. This takes place in late August and early September.
    9. All Coaches must be certified in Coaching in Community Sport.
    10. All Head Coaches and positional coaches must be certified in Position Coaching courses.
    11. Head Coaches and assistant coaches are encouraged and supported to take courses annually for growth and development.
    12. All coaching courses are done in the off season and SAMFA pays for all coaching courses.  It’s an investment of around $400/coach.

    SAMFA Salutes Jeff Hansen!

    Photo by: CHRIS COLBOURNE/St. Albert Gazette

    Gazette sports editor, Jeff Hansen was named to the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame for 2017.  An avid supporter of youth and amateur sports, Jeff has been sharing the stories and raising the profiles of athletes and teams such as SAMFA for over 25 years.  We thank him for his support and congratulate him on this award of a lifetime.

    Check out this week's Gazette for the full story.




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